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Invest in a Battery Startup That Actually Makes Batteries

Scalable and Demonstrated.

 Eonix rapidly design new chemistries from existing materials that drop right into batteries manufactured today.

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Tired of Billion Dollar Battery Busts?

We use next gen R&D technology to design scalable material solutions.

Eonix Overview
  • 120+
    Electrolyte Chemistries Screened
  • $3.7M+
    Design & Demo Contracts to Date
  • $25B
    Market Opportunity & Growing
Platform Technology.
Eonix has the capability to develop a portfolio of scalable electrolyte products that transform batteries for every energy storage market.
Rapid Results.
Eonix's high throughput system enables dozens of new chemistries to be evaluated in a fraction of the time of conventional R&D.
Designed to Scale.
Eonix focuses on designing material solutions from industrially available compounds that are drop-in compatible with Batteries manufactured today.