Ultra-capacitor manufacturers go to extraordinary lengths to develop the highest performing electrodes, the most efficient assembly process, and the most adaptive modules, but despite these exhausting efforts to increase performance ultra-capacitor manufacturers still employ an ordinary electrolyte. 


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A Unique Electrolyte for Every Ultra-capacitor 


After four years of ultra-capacitor electrolyte research, we have developed an unparalleled empirically derived understand of electrolyte stability in varying materials systems. As a result we have the capability to optimize our first generation electrolyte with select additives to maximize the performance of any electrode. 



Plug n' Play

no Adoption Costs

Our electrolyte compositions are designed to be a drop in replacement for the current formulation used in any system. There are no costly amended manufacturing procedures needed to start using our electrolyte. Additionally, since the electrolyte is optimized with your electrode surface chemistry in mind, no changes to the electrode coating process is needed as well.  

Higher Voltage Operation  

Greater chemical stability 

With high quality activated carbon electrodes, our electrolyte has the capability of significantly increasing the operational voltage window thereby reducing the cost and size of ultra-capacitor modules. The high voltage window results from the use of materials that have a greater chemical stability in the presence of an electric field.  


Increased Energy Density 

Smaller ion size

With a smaller average ion size, our unique electrolyte is able to fill electrode pores that were previously unavailable. Additionally, this smaller ion size also enables the formation of a thicker double layer thereby increasing the capacitance. 

Lower Resistance

higher ionic conductivity 

Unlike most novel electrolytes, our chemical composition can be tailored to have a significantly lower resistance than solutions currently available. The smaller ion size enables not only an increase in energy density, but a higher ionic conductivity which results in a dramatic reduction in electrical series resistance. 

Interested in Obtaining Samples?


Eonix is currently supplying  first generation electrolyte samples to ultra-capacitor manufacturers. These  samples are base formulations intended to be a plug and play substitute for current ultra-capacitor electrolytes that provide moderate increases in energy density, voltage window, and conductivity while remaining cost comparable. Follow the timeline below to learn how Eonix can optimize this electrolyte for a given electrode.