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The Possibilities for Battery Solutions Are Endless

Durable SEI Silicon Chemistry
Extreme Temperature Chemistry
Ultra-High Conductivity Electrolytes
Rapid SEI Formation Additives
Cobalt Free Cathodes
Anode Free Chemistry

New Materials,
Same Form

+ Cell formats

Part of what makes Eonix's process unique is that we can design new electrolytes that are drop-in compatible with anodes, cathodes, and form factors manufactured today.

Essentially, we can create batteries that are plug n’ play ready for any industry application, only with your customized chemical solution. Besides making it easier for front-end engineering, creating within existing cell sizes drastically reduces the time it takes to scale and deploy products.

Say goodbye to battery compatibility issues.

Say goodbye to battery compatibility issues.

+ Our Process

Solving Industry Specific
Battery Problems



Tell us how batteries are limiting your industry.

Need cells that operate at extreme temperatures, are more durable, charge faster or use low cost materials? You provide the target specifications and Eonix will design a materials solution for your market.



Utilizing our ATLAS automated  materials discovery platform, we circumvent years of research to rapidly design a drop-in compatible electrolyte that solves your market's battery challenges.



After designing a material solution, we partner with existing battery and chemical manufacturers to rapidly scale from the lab to commercial prototype for evaluation.



Once the commercial prototypes are validated, we work with existing battery manufacturers to deliver cells at scale to the end user in a known form factor. Harness a new chemistry without having to change your battery management or modules systems.


Real World Progress

High flash point materials reduce thermal runaway during failure to improve safety.

High thermal stability increased temperature stability above 70°C to reduce cooling systems.

Designed to work with NMC cathodes and graphite anodes for rapid scalability.

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