How We’re Innovating in the Battery Industry


Funding secured since 2018

Working with great investors who believe in our mission, and support the important work we do.


Market Opportunity

For non-flammable cells. The battery space is one of the most important growing sectors in the world. Let's seize this opportunity.


Chemicals Screened

Thanks to our rapid screening process, which has enabled us to dramatically reduce the time taken to screen a chemical.

+ Process

We don’t just model batteries – we make them.

From brief to battery in four months and $100,000.
Eonix lab , Tennessee

Rapid Development

High flash point materials reduce thermal runaway during failure to improve safety.

High thermal stability increased temperature stability above 70°C to reduce cooling systems.

Designed to work with NMC cathodes and graphite anodes for rapid scalability.

+ Specific solutions

Industry-Specific Solutions

Battery chemistries aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Your phone’s battery is designed to last six months, but your electric car needs a battery that lasts ten years. Our platform enables us to develop these custom chemistries, giving you better batteries for better products.


Grid Storage



And more. Our unique process can solve specific problems in any industry.

Eonix in Action

Designed a non-flammable battery for defense in 4 months, from concept to 1Ah prototype for less than $100,000

In progress

Signed a 3 year partnership with Schrodinger to add physics-based simulations and deep learning model training to our platform

In progress

Scaling the first commercially viable carbonate-free electrolyte into 10Ah Cells

In progress
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