Eonix LLC Partners with Schrödinger to Accelerate Materials Design for Lithium-ion Batteries

Press Release
May 3, 2022

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (May 3, 2022) — Eonix LLC, whose semi-autonomous ATLAS system reduces timelines for energy storage materials design from years to months, today announced an exclusive collaboration with Schrödinger, Inc. to accelerate the discovery and design of materials for safer, energy dense lithium-ion batteries.  


During this three-year collaboration, Schrödinger will develop physics-based and machine learning models leveraging the comprehensive and chemically diverse database generated from Eonix’s rapid, semi-autonomous materials screening ATLAS system to enable 100,000’s of chemical candidates to be accurately computationally screened. These models will be deployed in conjunction with Eonix’s ATLAS-system to identify low cost, industrially-available compounds that improve the safety, temperature stability, energy density, and charging rate of both conventional and anode-free lithium ion batteries for grid storage, consumer electronics, defense and electric vehicle applications.  

“Schrödinger is the ideal partner to accelerate our lithium-ion battery materials design and discovery,” said Eonix CEO Don DeRosa. “Schrödinger’s physics-based platform and expertise complements our rapid, semi-autonomous materials screening ATLAS system. Schrödinger will be able to use rapidly generated lab data from Eonix’s ATLAS system combined with physics-based predictions to develop and iteratively train robust machine learning models that will ultimately identify next generation materials for better batteries. This collaboration marks the first time a rapid materials screening lab-based technology will be paired with rapid computational screening technology in the battery industry to supercharge materials discovery.”  

“Designing safer, less expensive, and more effective batteries is a critical challenge, and we are excited to collaborate with the Eonix team to apply our platform at scale to develop the next generation of lithium-ion batteries,” stated Mat Halls, Ph.D., Senior VicePresident, Materials Science at Schrödinger, Inc.  


This collaboration will be conducted jointly by the Schrödinger and Eonix scientific teams. Schrödinger is contributing the equivalent of more than $5 million in software, computer time, and services annually to support the collaboration. Schrödinger received an initial equity stake in Eonix and will be eligible to receive additional equityupon the successful completion of technical milestones during the collaboration.  


About Eonix

Eonix has created the first semi-autonomous materials R&D system, ATLAS-system, that drastically reduces the time and cost to design new materials for lithium-ion batteries.This breakthrough process shrinks product development cycles of application specific lithium-ion battery chemistries from years to months. Eonix's novel ATLAS system enables the rapid design of drop-in compatible electrolyte solutions that address the market specific barriers electric vehicles, grid storage, andhybrid defense systems to drive clean tech adoption. To learn more, visit EonixEnergy.com and follow us on LinkedIn.